Mar 15, 2010

Being Naughty

Beau not around, Clayden comes out and play. Erm. The eyes I mean.

There's this Malay guy in the gym yesterday, long hair but super hot. Been seeing him in the gym for a while, definitely loved that body of his. Man his man boobs are like, so deliciously muscular!

Although beau's got quite a solid one, but this man's is one for the drool. LOL


the happy go lucky one said...

yesss... he is hot, and u r so daring! not sure he will enjoy the attention if he ever find out abt ur secret pic :P

Beau said...

Dear, being naughty... stop taking picture in the locker room... why my dear so naughty when i'm away :(

Clayden L. said...

dear angry with me jor. :(

Willy said...

of coz la....if my dear do the same ill be angry as well

Anonymous said...

ouch such a breach of privacy! thank goodness it's blurry though, and that malaysians don't strip so openly in gym locker rooms... and that you have the decency at least not to use the more revealing pictures (should they ever exist).

if not it would be equivalent to some hidden camera/changing room pictures of girls in bras etc.