Mar 13, 2010

Being Careful

Sorry to tell you this, but, Clayden decides to stay closeted at the time being. Not that Clayden doesn't go to the clubs or what nots, but being in this field and all, he's quite a prominent person in the sense that, he thinks it's going to be a problem if speculations start to spread that he's actually gay. It's going to be a halt in his career should the news spread out, be it the public or his boss. And that, is something that he doesn't want.

After all, he's already married, and he thinks it's best that he remain silent, and not to meet anyone, not to post any face pictures or whatever not. So, sorry about that folks. But whatever I'm blogging, or whatever I had on facebook, that's actually pretty much the real me, behind a computer screen on the other end of the world wide web.

Apparently, the beau thinks the same too. But... with a different reason. LOL

A few nights ago, during a conversation with the beau...

Beau: Dear, I think you should stop posting about the exact gym classes that you go to lar. What if there are stalkers out there how?

Clayden: I never specifically blogged about which class I attended did I? But I'm running around. Now I'm doing weights as well. Wait... OMYGAWD! I blogged that we went to the Easy step once!

Yalor! Later people go to the gym to stalk you how?

Aiyah, not like they'll know which one is me also. There are a lot of gay guys there too. Plus, I'm not a regular in all those cardio classes now, since our time are so un-flexible already...

Yea but still, I think better be careful lor.

Hmm... Fine, whatever you say lor. Won't blog about it anymore...

Good good.

But can I blog about me kap-cai in the gym?

LMAO. Beau *fainted*.

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rotiboy said...

hahaha~ more kap-cai pic please!