Nov 16, 2009

Breaking the Eggs

Half boiled eggs mind you.

I have a problem with cracking them half boiled eggs whenever I'm at this kopitiam. The beau and I would usually get ourselves some teh tarik with roti bakar and 2 half boiled eggs. But the problem is, I can never crack them eggs. It's too hot really.

I tried a few times, but the eggs just didn't cracked large enough for me to break the shells into 2 and pour the whole content out. Most often than not, it'd just be a small little crack and I'd peel a small piece of shell off and it'd ended up just a small hole, and I'd shake the eggs vigorously on top of the small plate so that the content would come out. But having that small a hole, naturally all the egg yolk would be already broken inside the eggs or wouldn't even come out at all.

I'm okay with it really.

But the beau laughed at me all the time.

"Where got people crack half boiled eggs like that one?!"

And he'd do the other egg for me.

So nowadays, I'll just sit there and wait until he gets the signal. >.<


the happy go lucky one said...

thats romantic... i like the idea lor :P
but i have some doubts whether u really couldnt crack it properly or just acted dumb :P

Bravebear said...

a little practice will get you going. But if I were you, I'll choose to remain as it is :P or perhaps you HAVE chosen to remain as it iz. HAHAHA! romantic indeed like happy go lucky said =)

Swert said...

I am a big fan of u and beau =)

how i wish i would have a relationship like u too...

Evann said...

Just hold the egg horizontally (lengthwise) about 6 inches over the dish, and drop it. It'll crack into nice halves and you can just pull the egg apart instead of digging small holes.

...then again, with the beau, don't see why you need to properly break the egg by yourself. ;)

Clayden L. said...

haha really guys, i'm not acting dumb! i really don't know how to crack the eggs! :P

TZ said...

Dude, the way you r eating the eggs remind me of Snake eating eggs... errrrr... how i know, I saw it from one of the National Geographic documentary... :p

Anyway, your beau will be there for you whenever you are eating eggs... so no worry eh~