Nov 17, 2009

Getting Serious

Sometimes the beau and I, we don't get so serious in our conversation. He'd tease me and tease me even more that at some point I would get really annoyed and frustrated.

So there was this once when he was driving and I was suggesting of some stuff, to which he shot down immediately, like spontaneously. And I got angry. Not really angry per se, but sorta unhappy. So I just kept quiet throughout. I didn't really showed that I was not happy, but I just kept quiet. The next thing he spoke, I just nodded or gave monotonous reply.

And then he asked the same questions that he would most of the time when I'm not in my chatty mood. "Why so emo one?"

I replied, "No lah."

And we were back to where we were. But that didn't mean I was okay already. We talked like usual, until he said something that I couldn't accept, and I just couldn't take it anymore.

That night, I told him about some disagreement. He always like me to be frank with him, so I did. I said sometimes I'm not happy at the way he acted. And he said he was sorry for that, assuming I kept quiet because of the things that he said later.

And I said, "Nolah, I merajuk ma."

He was like, "Oh, really? I didn't know you merajuk one?"

And I was like, "I'm still a human being lah. I get small-hearted also one sometimes."

And so he went, "Aiyo... sorry lor... Ok next time I won't tease you anymore..."

And I was like, "Okay lah."

Won't say too much or else he got all confused again.


Bravebear said...

I am seriously soooo jealous... T.T

the happy go lucky one said...

now i really have to agree with someone's comment on ur previous post, abt the 'woman heart is like needle in middle of ocean, so difficult to gauge/locate :P

Just B3cks said...

Communication play important roles in every aspect of life including love affairs etc. :) cheers..