Nov 27, 2009

Decent Apparel

See, I'm not actually the type who will dress up excessively when I go out, not even when I go to a formal dinner (although sometimes I do wear my Samfu to a dinner). So usually, I'm always seen in my shorts and a normal round neck or a polo-neck t-shirt. And of course, I would be in my sandals or slippers.

Today, I decided to wear my boots that I bought the other day at the Isetan Members' day sale. And to wear that boot with shorts would be so awefully weird. So I decided to go long-legged jeans, as compared to the short-legged jeans that the beau usually would wear.

Therfore, when we went out for dinner, I walked towards him and he looked at me one kind.

"Why you wear so nice today?"

"Is it?"

"You're usually like those Ah Pek one in flip flops one ma."

I looked at him. And I looked at my boots.

"Oooooh! No wonder la...."

Somehow, I'm starting to like this boots already! >.<


TZ said...

Dude, what brand you have ... don't tell me is Timberland eh~... My favorite brand :p
Guess what? I have 3 pairs of Timberland shoes. kekeke...

Takashi said...

yeah ahpek, drop the slippers :p