Nov 24, 2009

Moody Week

I have no idea why I've been so moody the past week.

I didn't think it was the workload. I've moved to a new office alright, my colleagues are nice people. My boss may be intimidating at times, but I guess I still can handle them. There's nothing wrong with my family, other than me causing the tension with my mum, probably due to my own moodiness. The beau kept on asking me what was the problem, and I couldn't find any, which pretty much leads to me being grumpy easily whenever we weren't on agreeable terms.

But I know I shouldn't be. And I know I should have talk it out instead. I guess being a Tauran, I do have my own stubborn traits. I pretty much sulk on everything that the beau said regarding how I should sort some stuff, i.e. the upcoming business trip. There's a business trip to Taipei next month, but the company decided to let me book my own tickets. Like, WTF right?

And to top it all, because I actually volunteered to go along with the main negotiator, since no one else wanted to go, the company said I wouldn't be compensated on my expenses. Like WTF! So my colleague decided to share out her sponsorship since I would be her company in Taiwan. And since I wasn't sponsored, and the travel period is already so soon, I guess I got cranky. I've practically check up on all the flights that fly from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei, from Air Asia to MAS, and SIA, Thai Airways, Tiger Airways, EVA Airlines, China Airlines, Korean Air, KLM... you name it, I thought about it.

But thanks to the beau, it's all sorted out. *love you dear* So I'll be flying again on the first week of December. Yeeeeeha!


TZ said...

Dude, sometime you just need to invest some time and money to get what you wannt... Just don't feel bad if you think that it's worth to go with your colleagues to Taipei...

hmmm... your company a bit sucks... hopefully my future company will not ask me to pay my own ticket :p

At the end of the day... you will get the Return On Investment. Enjoy your trip eh~

ichimaru akira said...

Taureans do have a certain period of time when they are just being frustrated with stuff around them

Evann said...

Good to have a pillar to lean on huh!