Nov 28, 2009

Brokeback Mountain

It was the first gay-themed movie that I watched before. Jake Gyllenhaal kept my eyes locked on him although Heath Ledger has got the body to die for. But I suppose I'd pick a boyfriend in Jake rather than Heath, and I'd prolly drool over Heath while I'm with Jake, since I won't actually sleep with Heath. And Jake would prolly got so fed up with me cruising Heath, and start complaining and that's when I'll stop cruising and start kissing him. >.<

To cut the crap short, we were out in the mall when I caught hold of a fine caucasian man. 6' tall, balding, sideburns, well built body with big muscular chest and big biceps. He was looking at some belts.

We walked passed him to find there was another Asian guy standing next to him, picking on them belts.

*Gaydar ringing* RRIIIIINNNGGGGGGG!!!

Inter-racial couples apparently.

Instantly, the Asian guy turned around. Fucking nice body as well! 5ft11, spikey hair, tanned, toned body, big chest but biceps not as large as the boyfriend's. Definitely hot couple.

Nope, the thought of a threesome didn't come into mind, mind you.

Both the men looked pretty straight. But what gave them away was what the Asian guy wore. A printed shirt, not sure where he got it from, prolly Bangkok.


How so ever familiar right? >.<

Now I wonder should I also wear something like that sometimes. LMAO.


Bravebear said...

how about a foursome if not three :p

Takashi said...

hahaa... its not cool to wear statement tees.. i think they make u look dumb :)

Evann said...

Gay people seem to be everywhere these days. Oh, the world's a better place.

at.kk1981 said...

lol... nice rant. And I'd say my choice would be same as urs regarding the brokeback mountain.