Nov 21, 2009


The beau sometimes would come and tell me after gym that there was a certain guy who hogged the machine just opposite his, and would follow him around whenever he moved to the next machine. Most of the time he'd point out whichever guy that he noticed following him around.

I'd take a look at the guy and said, "Not hot."

But sometimes, I guess some of them gymmers do look pretty delicious. But I know our boundaries. And cruising means, cruising, and it shall stop at that. Even though the beau isn't really physically my type, but he's 80% satisfactory. But I won't complain much. I love him as how and who he is.

Just that sometimes, I'm really curious. The beau isn't someone you'd pick up as a gay guy. He's just too straight to be one. You could hardly tell in fact. And even if you could, that moment would probably be when I'm around him. Not to say that I'm an obvious typical gay guy, but I guess I'm more easily picked up in a gaydar as compared to him. I think.

So sometimes, actually most of the times, I'd definitely look at the guy who cruised him. Those guys aren't obviously gays, but the tendencies of them being one, are pretty high.

I personally never experienced that. I mean being cruised while I was working out. Maybe because I'm not as hunky as the beau. Bleh~

But it's great to see the reaction of them cruisers' faces when they see the both of us together later on. LOL.


Evann said...

Cehwah... Action la now. :P


agree with evann~ hahaha

the happy go lucky one said...

hahaaa... well its good to be able to 'action' abit kekeee...