Nov 23, 2009


Now talking about cruising instead of being cruised...

Just the other day, the beau and I were at some shopping mall and we walked side by side passing through some shop. We both looked into the shops as there was some sales going on. And coincidently there was a shop assistant standing near the entrance folding some clothes. Who would know, the shop assistant looked up and saw us.

He was young, chinese lad, spikey hair, fair, pretty toned from all the veins in his forearms. Good looking. But not attractive enough to give me a hardon.

We turned away and continued walking.

Just 2 steps away, I turned to look at him again. He was back to his business. But one second later, he looked up again. And he locked his gaze at my stare.


Nope I don't know him, cross my heart.

Later on when I told the beau that the shop assistant was looked back again, he was quite insistant that the shop assistant was cruising him.

Of course I was being defensive. The shop assistant is a young lad, if he's gay he'd probably looking for younger guys too. Plus, with my boyish face, how could one mistaken who's the older one of us two? (No offense dear, :P)

And then he replied, "Maybe he's into older men."

Well... I couldn't counter that. Speaking from experience. HAHA >.<


the happy go lucky one said...

hahaaa... and no offense, ur beau might be right :p and another possibility- he might be cruising both of u :P

Bravebear said...

LOL! this is good! funny le...

ichimaru akira said...

erm,maybe he wants a 3some

Evann said...

you should've squinted your eyes and licked your lips and see what was his reaction! xD