Nov 25, 2009

Travelling together

I guess the beau has addiction in traveling with me. Of course I do too. >.<

See, the tickets to Taipei was actually solved because the beau helped me to book online. I don't have a credit card you see, call me whatever you want, but I think credit card is EVIL. LOL. But now that I've got a problem in booking air ticket online, I guess there's some usefulness of them. Therefore, all this while, I've always been purchasing my tickets by cash, or my dad get 'em for me should we be going somewhere for holidays or what nots.

But the trick with buying ticket online to Taiwan, they need verification of the card holder. swt. I can't possible get my dad to purchase for me, since he's not around until Christmas. So... the next person I turned to was of course, none other than the perfect beau.

After the transaction was done, he finally told me about the temptation.

"I was so tempted in purchasing 2 tickets lor."

I only managed to smile in front of my computer screen.

I wished it was for 2 too.

Love you dear...


ichimaru akira said...

I agree with u,credit cards are evil.

Btw,do ur beau has a gay bro who is single?

Bravebear said...

Woah... Ichi, that is very straight of you... hahaha!!! swipe swipe swipe :p


so sweet~ :) get me another ticket and i will be ur guys servant~ hahaha

the happy go lucky one said...

awww... he is so sweet... kekeee

bluesoul said...

just get a debit card. Its safe and convenient for online shopping.