Nov 1, 2009

Steam Room

It was actually the first time in so long that I went to gym alone this morning. The beau must've been still sleeping that when I texted, he didn't even reply. Upon calling, his sleepy voice came through.

"I'm lazy lar..." He groaned...

Alrighty. Nevermind. So I headed to the gym by own and did the usual. After a glass of drink, I headed to the steam room. It wasn't before long that an older gentleman came in. I recalled he was from the earlier class, he was standing next to me.

He took a seat opposite myself. Middle aged man, petite, but well toned. Bald. Probably some natives or something. Doesn't look like a Chinese for sure.

So I did my thing. Closing my eyes, trying to breathe through the mouth. It was hot in there. I cosed my eyes, and opened my eyes, and looked around. I looked at the ceiling, and I looked on the ground. I brushed away the sweat. And I looked at the man. Alternately.

Every other time he saw me lookng at him, he looked down, and smiled. Cheeky!!!

A while later after a few alternate glances, he finally made some more obvious hints. He played with his nipples, and slowly slided his hands down to his umbilicus and twirling with his pubes. He still shyly looked down on his hands whenever he saw me looking at him.

But not for long.

He finally locked his gaze and threw me those "I want sex" look onto me.

I was surprised really. I mean, okay I've heard people talking about quickie in the steam room or the sauna in the gym, but I seldom have those kind of luxury. Until this morning.

But when another member entered the steam room, and sat in the parallel seat, the man stood up and left. A while later I stood up and walked out of the steam room as well. I walked to the aisle as to where he was. He was in a shower cubicle, supposingly waiting for me I presumed. But as I walked further in, he turned around and smiled at me. I smiled back, and entered the opposite cubicle for my shower.

The expression on his face... Priceless.

What the fuck right?


Evann said...

Haha you're such a tease!

Takashi said...

hehe.. is this fiction.. or ?