Nov 14, 2009


I had a sore throat not long ago. And I was feeling feverish. But I went to the gym with the beau anyhow. We were waiting for a class to finish when I told him that I feel cold.

He looked at me one kind and said I shoulda stayed in. But my arguments was, I think it was better that I sweat it out and get well sooner.

So our conversation drifted to other topics. Dinner.

We would go for dinner after our gym. And ever since we found out this mamak place a couple of months ago, we had been going to that place a few times. So without hesitation, I said mutton soup. And the beau looked at me one kind again.

"But you have sore throat! Mutton is so heaty!"

I pouted my lips.

"Okay your call. But later don't come complaining to me."

I pouted my lips even more.

But then again, I wouldn't expect him to know what I was expecting all the time. Maybe he was being versatile and not over-dominating. Sometimes it's hard isn't it?

I was expecting him to say "NO, and I mean no."


Bravebear said...

hahaha.... funny. Can't expect too much =)

ichimaru akira said...

u guys are funny. When we are asking u guys to use ur brains to think for urselves,u'll say that we aren't being tough enuff but when we force u guys,u'll say that we're being unreasonable.

Bfs are very confusing indeed

bluesoul said...

i guess 女人心海底針 applies to u too :D

Evann said...

Give him a sinister look and roll your eyes. Baha!