Nov 5, 2009

Passing the Certification

Remember I blogged about the proffesional exam that I was taking? Well I guess it should be a reason for me to go for a trip in celebration for passing it. *beaming*

The beau bought me a ticket to an island tomorrow evening. He has already flew over, and since I still have work to cover tomorrow, I can only leave in the evening. I was pretty reluctant in going for a trip this time round really, I don't know, but perhaps I just like to stay in bed on weekends now that I'm taking over the workloads of the supervisor. It's really wearing me out, I had to force myself to go to gym even. And with all those excuses due to work and that exam before, the beau has been complaining my waistline is growing bigger and bigger.

Won't deny that. I've been sinfully eating without gymming.

So with work finishing late and dragging myself to gym, I had only the post-gym euphoria to keep reminding me that I need to lose those fats I've gained. Otherwise, I doubt I'd even keep this membership! After all, the beau said he'd still love me no matter what. LMAO.

Gosh I'm taking things forgranted.

So with that, Clayden's flying off somewhere for the weekend. Weeee! Come to LCCT and send me off yah! LOL


ichimaru akira said...

don't forget to get us souvenirs,k?

Evann said...

Have a safe trip. And good heavens you need to update this place more often. Perhaps some pics from the island trip once you've return? :)

TZ said...

dude, have a nice trip eh~

Bravebear said...

I really like reading yer blog... Its like a storybook =D

Takashi said...

have a nice break...


and dont ever forgive urself for not going to the gym!!

btw: which gym?

clayden said...

ichi: apa lu nak? daging salai can? hehehe

evann: pics? mmm i'll think abt it first. heh.

tz: thanks. will do.

bravebear: thanks for the compliments.

takashi: hahaha, i don't wanna be a gym rat like u. kinda annoys me lor some ppl hor, puts everything after gym...

Just B3cks said...

yo! have a nice trip :P remember to post some pics here later :)