Nov 26, 2009

Fat Arse

The beau told me of the Isetan Members' Day last week, and we decided to head over to the store after our abs crunching gym classes. Upon arriving, we headed straight to the formal wear sections.

The beau was in need of a tie badly, while I was actually there cruising. For clothes I mean.

I have a full wardrobe of G2000 apparels. Not that I like it, but they made me look slimmer. >.< So, naturally, I would be in that section and rummaged through all those shirts. The shirts looked fine to me, but I was actually looking at the pants, since the pants were on 50% sale as well! See, very rarely we get G2000 pants on sale, but that day all those pants were!

But then...

"There's no size..."

I sighed.

"What's your size?"

He asked so loud some more.

I purposely walked away when there was this autie who was looking through the pants looked up at us. I mean, hello! It's a secret! Even if it's not to the beau, I'd prefer not to announce it in public.

"They're all 28 or 38 and nothing in between."

"What's your size la?" he asked again.

I looked at him, and pursed my lips, giving him a telekinetic message, "Can you stop asking already?!"

"They just wanna clear off the pants for the giants and the matchsticks, nothing for nice arses like mine."

The auntie looked up again.

And I just walked away.


Bravebear said...

ahahaha! They actually have 28? My god... And I had a hard time finding them when shopping for pants. They oughta have more 28 and 29...

the happy go lucky one said...

lolll.... that auntie must find u so weird :P

Anonymous said...

Got size 28? Oh great!! Need to go Isetan this weekend... I always cannot find size 28 and usually is >33 and is toooooo big for me...

Evann said...

28.... damn those were the days...... LOL

bluesoul said...

can only say not easy to get "peng leng zeng" things ..