Nov 10, 2009

Sexless sexcapade

I'm sorry to say that last weekend was a sexless trip. I guess I was troubled by something else, maybe mentally as what the beau puts it. I guessed I felt tired as well. I wasn't horny, and I wasn't in the mood for sex, even though the beau said he wanna give me a blowjob. It was 3 in the morning, and I was a bit heavy headed, so I said no, and before I know it, I was fast asleep in his arms.

It was however, a very warm trip, as in it somewhat rekindled past memories of us travelling together for the past year. Not that we are a old married couple or anything, but I guess we're long enough to be not so shy with each other anymore. The beau getting more auntier, while I get more rebellious. But time and again, I guess it's time off together like this that gets me head over heels over him like when we first started.

I was utmostly guilty that it was a sexless trip. I know I would disappoint him. But before I even flew off, I was already anticipating sex. And I guess to anticipate sex would be quite a turn off maybe?

I appologized after we got back. The beau was okay with it, although I could sense a tinge of disappointment in his tone. But I guess I was pretty tired then. What's with the new position and upgrade in the company, I've got less time to do nothing with the beau anymore.

Which left me pretty devastated. I had problems with my house rentals. And somehow I got pretty easily irritated when I wasn't in the mood. I'm pretty moody quite a lot of time too. Signs of depression?

Sad eh? Sexless sexcapade...


Bravebear said...

Maybe I am dumb or something. But when 2 gays get together, is really about sex? Is that how relationship starts and/or lasts in this gay world? I am seriously curious about this.

the happy go lucky one said...

well mayb u were really tired? and maybe u need some spices to warm up the 'love' life again :P

the beau said...

Cheer up dear... don be so sad. I'm always by your side. i wasn't too disappointed on our trip, in fact, i was glad dear din go ahead just to please me and ended up dear din enjoy yourself.

Sign of depression? Dear this is serious, let's talk about it what actually bothering you.