Jan 13, 2010

Seeing Double

Was at Subang Parade one evening when we saw the sales Parkson had on bags and wallet. Seeing the beau's wallet all worn out after 7 years of using, I thought it's time for him to change. But of course, I didn't get him any Braun Buffel, it was just some cheaper Polo. He was there of course, he said anything I buy for him he'll like it. Hmmm...

But then again, of course I wouldn't get him those from Petaling Street. I trust Parkson won't be selling cheapskate stuff, especially when it's in a proper mall like Subang Parade. So I finally picked one, leather, soft pouch, with another flip for card storage and a zipper for bigger notes. I like!

So ended up getting two. Haha. What supposed to be a wallet for the beau turned out to be those double thingy where each of us have one.


Evann said...

Wow, matching wallets now?
Eeee... So cute! :D

the happy go lucky one said...

this is sooo sweet kekeeee

Takashi said...

hmm.. actually i dont really fancy doubles hehehe due to past experiences..

but i super love braun buffel ok.. every wallet i get for others, definitely comes from bb.. :P and my wallet comes from esprit :p