Jan 22, 2010


I was to go for a karaoke meetups with some old college mates. But since it was the weekend, I was staying over at the beau's place the night before. So of course I had to let him know about it in advance. The beau was of course, very supportive of me meeting my old mates, because he noticed I haven't been hanging out much with my old friends. And I've been pouring a lot of my time with him instead.

(Typical gay relationship?)

Anyways, he was all sparkled up when he found out that I was to go for a karaoke meeting.

"Next time you must come with me to karaoke one ah." He said.

"Eeeee... with you ah?"

"Why? What? Why don't want ah?" He seemed unsatisfied.

"Don't want lar... shy mar...." I said.

"Shy what wor? You can sing with your friends but not with me mei?" He enquires further.

"No mar, I don't think I'll be singing there, just go eat only."

"Aiyor! Who go karaoke to eat one?! Plus, I'm your dear mar... what is there to be shamed of?" He protested.

"Shy lah..."

"Don't shy lah..."

"I don't know how to sing one..."

"I also don't know how to sing one..."

"Then what do you do in the karaoke?"

"Just croak like a frog lor."



the happy go lucky one said...

haahaaa he is so cute! and i also cant sing, sigh...

nicky05 said...

hahahahahaha........so cute you two...hahaha...XD

pikey said...

ha ha ha ha... tak tahan both of you la.. ha ha ha

Takashi said...

I liked reading your writings, but sadly it makes me think of my ex more.. and more.. i cried reading your blog...

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Nick Nick! said...

i always go to karaoke with my friends! it's fun :P

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