Jan 29, 2010

CK Sleepwear

We were rushing out for work in the morning when he threw the singlet I wore to sleep the night before. Almost forgot about it still on the couch.

"New shirt ah?"

"No lah, old one already."

"Then never see you wear one?"

"Don't play play, this is CK okay?"

"Calvin Klein ah?"

"Yalah. That's why don't play play lor."

"You wear CK to sleep?!"

"It's a singlet mar."

"It's a CK!"

"So I wear to sleep lor."


Calvin @ Bien said...

i don't really understand...can't wear CK to sleep??? haha...i always have 'CK' with me while I'm sleep :p

Takashi said...


Will Q said...

CK only mah! very common. i do have a few CK singlet as my sleeping wear as well. However i really treat topman as my sleeping wear