Jan 15, 2010

Old Fucks

We finished gym late one evening and was talking about the steps class that we just came out of, when a guy approaching me while I was pouring myself a drink, smiled at me and said, "Forgot me already ah?"

I looked at him, and pretended that I didn't hear him. I walked back to where the beau was seated, and continued chatting with him. Admittedly, I saw the troubled soul in his eyes.

After we got home that night, the beau chatted with me on MSN.

"Can I ask you something? But promise me you won't be angry?"

I knew it's about the guy in the gym. I thought he didn't noticed, but he must've had, given his sensitive ears and eyes.

"It's about the guy in the gym isn't it?"

"Why did you seemed like you were avoiding him?"

I knew it.

"Well....I think I owe you an explanation for that... Sorry dear..."

"He was one of my old fucks who I had sex with 2 years ago. One of the guys in the orgy of 10 that I went to. I went late, and since the others already had fun for probably hours before me, I only fucked that guy. But after 30 minutes I left because I didn't quite like it."

"Aiyo dear, why say sorry? It was the pass lar."

"Actually I didn't recognize him one, but after a while only I remembered. It was 2 years ago dy, and I didn't keep in touch with him."

"Oh. No wonder he was so excited when he saw you just now."

"But I'm with you mar now. I thought better not bring up the past."

"Yalor. So there's no need to appologize. I thought you were having sex with him after gym 2 nights ago."

I looked at the MSN chatbox on the screen, eyes wide open, heart palpitating. He knew... Oh dear...

to bee continued...



huh? so u r telling a lie?

Anonymous said...

What? So you really have sex with him after gym 2 nights ago?

the happy go lucky one said...

faster spill the beans.... we know u got something to tell :P

Takashi said...


are u telling lies now?

Bravebear said...

orgy eh...

Nick Nick! said...

oh myyy.. quick quick, we want to know :(