Jan 9, 2010

The Juicy Details

I know you wanted this.

Our New Year celebration in downtown KL.

Well. We headed to some clubs after the dinner with some friends. Had a glass of Whiskey and a tall glass of Long Island tea. First time I saw the beau dancing. Maybe he too was high from the Long Island tea, after all the alcohol content was pretty strong, as compared to all that we had before. We danced and jump and shouted for a couple of hours before retreated back to our room all high and drunk. LOL.

Had lots of French and kisses, but that's about it. We were both too tired as it was already 3 in the morning.

The next day, I woke up in his arms, headed for the complimentary breakfast, and retreated back to our rooms for the nice cozy bed. >.< We were watching some movies on HBO, me lying on his shoulder. And spent the remaining hours before checking out on lying on the bed, dozing off quite easily.

Ended up having some soreness on the neck and shoulder the following day.

"Must be because of your posture yesterday. I asked if you were comfortable, you should've told me you were not. Now your shoulder pain pulak."

How would I know I'd get aches when I haven't been lying on him for months right? LOL. But it's nice alright, to doze off in his cuddles. :D


pikey said...

awww... this is so sweet!! i love all the hugging with my dear on bed too..

nicky05 said...

Yeah....so sweet ..hehehe..XD