Jan 11, 2010

Finally Grey

It's been months on end. Everytime we went to gym, I asked, and my information was not updated, and I couldn't even get my card updated to the Platinum membership card, despite I've already upgraded my account. And even when the beau has gotten his platinum card weeks ago, I still had to wait because everytime I asked, they said my account information has yet to be updated.

So I finally told the staff in Manulife off that day. "How can like that one? It's been 2 months since I upgraded, and until now also haven't been done? What kind of service is this? You better tell your colleagues in the Curve their service is bloody lousy. And they still wanna make that club the Platinum club. What the fuck man?"

Pity the staff had to bear with my temper running amok.

But that evening the beau sensed my frustration and we headed to the Curve for another hoo-ha. Lucky them, they bloody update it instantly and told me I could get my card straight away.

Of course, I'm such a nice guy, I didn't want to make so much of a fuss then. So I took my card with a smile, and didn't say a word, turned around, and left.

So I'm finally a "grey" card holder! Weee!


pikey said...

How much is your gym membership?

Clayden L. said...

it's 175 per month. ;)