Jan 24, 2010


It was one of those evenings after gym when we were cooling down that the beau sat across me and started to grumble about his work, how his colleagues didn't finish their job properly and he got really fed up he felt like giving up.

"So? What are you going to do? Quit?"

"No, not now. I will look for a new job and then quit."

"But until then, what else can you do? Nothing right? Just concentrate on this one and try to blend in."

"I can't! I'm really fed up already."

"So you're quitting lah?"

I think my tone must've hurt him that we just remained silent for a few minutes.

That evening, after I got home, I sent him a message saying I'm already back. He replied saying he's sorry that he bothered me with his work, and that he just needed someone to talk to. I felt pangs of guilts.

"So so sorry dear. I should've just kept quiet and let my dear talk. Sorry dear, I'm a bad boyfriend. :("

But later on, when he came online on MSN, we started chatting again.

"Dear, you're not a bad boyfriend. I sensed that you're worried about me, and about my attitude towards my work. So you're not a bad boyfriend, you're a good boyfriend. *kiss icon*"


At times the beau really know how to talk.

Never know that. LOL


Takashi said...

its natural to worry about the other's life..

can i stop reading ur blog for a whiLe?

nicky05 said...

Worry is a good expression lo....so get your butt up and find job lo...XD

Evann said...

Oooer, perhaps your boyfriend was hoping for a "Don't quit your job. Hang in there! Things will get better" sort of answer? I suppose that would've been a more comforting answer to hear, rather than prompting him to quit his job. Then again, everyone's different and I may be wrong.

KenT said...

I agree with Takashi. Can i stop reading your blog for a while too?

Damn diabetic lah! Hahaha... sad for singletons like moi..

Nice to see your rlship in such a good "shape". ;)

Willy said...

enjoyed ur posts everytime...can relate to me and my bf similarly =))