Jan 16, 2010

Feverish Sex

from yesterday...

I thought you had sex with him on Tuesday night after gym. That's why you apologised. Dear dear, don't look at the past, let the bygones be bygones. We have a long future to look ahead before us.

I smiled.

I was knocked out in bed as I texted you. Was really feeling feverish that night.

I know dear, was just teasing you only.

No seriously, I was sick that night. Feeling feverish. Was thinking of not wanting to go to gym on Wednesday already. Plus the sucky day on Wednesday, even more unmotivated to go to gym. But in the end I dragged myself to Janet's class.

Dear, you didn't even tell me! I thought you were just sad because it was an unproductive day?!

I didn't want to worry you too much, since you're also busy with your work and all.

But you could at least let me know! I could've come to have dinner with you at least. Are you okay now?

Yeah I'm fine now.


Takashi said...

so anti-climax..

nicky05 said...

If some teasing me...i will totally use WWE style on him lol...wuahahahaha...jk...XD