Jan 8, 2010

Contemporary Homes

The new condo is just waiting for the CF and what nots before the keys are handed over. YESH!! Finally a home of my own. I have a lot of junks so to speak, but I'd like the new home to be of a contemporary designs, modern and comfortable. So I was talking to the beau about my idea, about what type of couch and TV cupboard that I wanted, just some ideas.

Something like this.

Or this.


Or this.


Or this.


Depending on how big the living room is gonna be.

And he shot me, saying that what I had in mind isn't contemporary at all.

He on the other hand said, when his parents move out of his place, he's going to clear all of his furniture, leaving just the LCD screen hang on the wall, a small cupboard for the players and DVDs, and there'll just be one couch and some big pillows, or perhaps fitball.

"And that's contemporary. It's suppose to be minimal."

Like this?

contemporary rug paparazzi

And I looked at him one kind, fine. Well hey, I got my ideas from the magazines!


Calvin @ Bien said...

i love wat ur beau said..haha...contempory is minimal...i hope my hse decor lidat too :p
and congrad~~u got ur very 1st home (**perhaps**)

the happy go lucky one said...

yeah i also like what ur beau said, i want it to b as minimal as possible, coz i tend to mess up the place...

Anonymous said...

Contemporary means having furniture design that looks modern, sophisticated but practical. At the end, the whole place must look simple with spacious flowing area for people to walk here and there. So minimal is also another word for that.

nicky05 said...

the 3rd picture is the best...in my opinion....heheheh..XD