Jan 21, 2010

On the Ithcy Sole

I've got a bad habit of peeling off the old dried thickened skin on the soles when I was seated and had nothing to do. It happened since I was back in my uni days. Sometimes I'd peel unconsciously to the extent that I'd cause some bleeding. Then I'd switch for the other foot.

Stupid isn't it?

But is a habit to die hard.

Just the other day we were hanging out somewhere and I unconsciously started peeling them skins again.

"Oi. Stop it lah." The beau suddenly said.

"Huh? Stop what?" I looked up from my laptop at him.

"Your hands. So itchy." He nodded at my busy hands.

"Oh... ok ok fineeee..." I put my legs down, and sat properly.

For 3 seconds.

Before I propped my other legs onto my thigh again.


1 comment:

nicky05 said...

eeeeeeeeee....yuckkkk...bad habit...especially peel in public lol...>.<