Jan 5, 2010

Black and White

The beau wasn't that much of a person who cares about what he wears when I first knew him. Or maybe he did and he never talked to me about it. Until lately when we were more comfortable with each other that he told me he has a lot of clothes as well. Hmmm... Metrosexual bunch? Homosexually metrosexual. LOL.

He asked me what to wear to a party that we were to go to that evening. He thought he'd wear a shirt with jeans. Long sleeved ones. And I thought I would too. So I came back looking up and down for a nice party shirt, only to find out that the collection of long sleeves Key Ng that I had seemed all crumpled and... well, dull.

So in the end, I picked a new party shirt that I bought recently.

"I'm wearing black." I told him.

"Hmmm... I don't have black wor." He said.

"Wear white lor." I teased.

"Err... I think I'll wear pink." He replied.

"Pink?" I looked at him, "I thought you don't like pink and you don't have pink?"

"Hehe, I have. You said it was a gay colour."

He's definitely learning to be a gay now.



Bravebear said...

Learning to be gay? lols!


haha~ u should wear purple then :P

Evann said...

Pink is the new black! :D

nicky05 said...

lol....you two should wear same shirt lol....to show you two are gay couple lol......wuahahahaha....XD