Jan 26, 2010

Staying Over

The beau's parents were away for a few days, so it was a great chance for me to experience staying together with the beau. Having him sending me to work in the morning, and picking me up after work, going to gym and going back home together. Wee!

The first night that we went back to his place, we saw two guys walking together towards the elevator. Tote bag. Shoes with baby socks. White pants. You go figure.

"Gay couple."

He looked at me, "How do you know? Your gaydar ringing ah?"

"Well, quite obvious mar. But they'll prolly said the same if they saw us too."


Calvin @ Bien said...

will u just, in ur imagination??? haha

Takashi said...

Never fail to beep on my radar :P

and probably people were also saying the same thing about me :P