Jan 28, 2010

Sek Fok

We were out from the gym late one night and were discussing as to where we were to have our late dinner. Since it was already pretty late and I'm darn hungry, I was craving for something fast. But being the usual, I always said "You decide."

As usual, the beau would pout and grumble, "Always me decide. Don't want, you decide."

But it was only a minute later that he asked, "Dim sum want or not?"


But then again, the dim sum place isn't exactly a good choice considering it's too popular a place, so most often than not, you wouldn't able to find a parking space. When we turned around the corner to the street where the restaurant is, the beau wrinkled his forehead, "Parking parking, where are you?"

"Sure got one lah. I said wanna eat dim sum, sure will have parking one. I have sek fok mar."

Coincidently, in the next parking lot, a car was reversing. And we were having dim sum that night.

"Yalar hor. My dear so lucky one. Always got sek fok."


Bravebear said...

=.=" macam itu pun ada... hahahaha...

nicky05 said...

LOL...don't tell me..It's batu 3 dim sim there ahh......=="

pikey said...

ha ha ha ha... which dim sum place was it?