Jan 19, 2010

Sore throat

The fever subsequently subsided seeing that I slept for more than 12 hours the night before. I didn't switch on the fan, and decided to sleep with the windows half opened and covered up in blankets. I was sweating, and woke up to pee about 6 times the whole night. Might sound like a very bad quality sleep, but at least I wasn't feverish anymore.

But the next day when we go to gym, I realized that I had sore throat. Swallowing was painful, even my own saliva. He told me to drink a lot of water, which I did, which was why I peed so much at night.

After gym, we were deciding on where to go for lunch and where to hang out after lunch. Most of the Starbucks place that we had in mind would most probably be crowded by then. So we thought of just going to a noodle house where we usually go to, which is also one of his favourite place.

See, the thing about this noodle place is, they have set lunches which is quite a value for money. And everytime that we ordered from the set meals, I would be getting the curry noodles and him the chicken rice. This time round, he decided to differ.

"This time you cannot eat curry noodle already." And he pursed his lips.

I looked at him, "Why?"

"Because of your sore throat." He said.

I skewed my lips. "Fine. I'll get the rice then."


Bravebear said...

I had sorethroat once and my voice turned into very rough but I still continued eating durians! LOL!

Sexy rough voice was what they commented about it. LOL!

Calvin @ Bien said...

i having sore throat now....u 'spread' the sickness to me...thru internet...**joking**..but im really getting sick after 2 days working in KL...haiz...

pikey said...

whoaaa... sore throat still wanna curry noodles ah, lolx.. hope u recover soon la..

nicky05 said...

lol.....take of yourself lo...seeing you have fever then sore throat...what next lo...drink alot of water...plenty of rest...take your medicine lo...XD