Jan 25, 2010

Grumpy Beau

The beau is a grumpy old man. >.<

I just finished my cardio class and headed down to the lounge and I saw him sitting there online.

The first thing that he said after I sat down was, "Lousy line. Cannot even connect at all. And they just said, oh, line might be down. What kind of platinum service is this?"

The 2nd thing he said was, "I went to Starbucks just now, spent 30 minutes trying to online, and they said their line was not functioning as well. Might as well tell me earlier right?"

The 3rd thing he said was, "I'm not grumpy lah. I'm just very unhappy with their service."

So my heart sank. Grumpy beau. Again. He's been unhappy for the past one week. Sad.

I asked him, "So what would be able to cheer you up?"

"Free membership for a year."


Dear dear, don't be so grumpy lar... You're exactly a grumpy old man if you keeps on grumbling... >.<

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Takashi said...

:P hmm..