Jan 14, 2010

Writing Mushy

Well. We have friends who are also coupled who also blogs about their relationships. It's only fair to say that their contents got pretty mushy. Pretty much like, "I-love-you-so-so-so-so-so-much-dear-smooch-smooch-smooch" kinda mushy writings, to the extend that well, I gotta say the hair at the back of my neck stood up sometimes.

Even the beau agreed so!

So when he brought up about it, I casually asked,

"Isn't mine mushy enough?"

He smiled.

"Or you want me to write till the extend that you'll puke after reading one line?"

He laughed.

But then again, I guess I do disgust many people out there. LOL.


pikey said...

LOL... I think your blog is pretty sweet about you and your beau... ;)


haha~ but i love the way u write abt ur relationship... come on... tell us more :)

the happy go lucky one said...

yeah agree... ur way of writing is kinda sweet and comforting, keep it on :)

Bravebear said...

hahaha... always try to look on the positive of things... I think ur blog makes the world sweeter... kekeke...

Calvin @ Bien said...

i think ur's blog is most interesting blog tat i've read...keep it on :)

Takashi said...

u dont..

i love ur writings :)
keep it up dear.
hope to meet u guys soon.. and if u become mushy mushy, then i will ditch u guys hahaha.. jk la.. im perfectly fine with other's mushiness..