Jan 6, 2010

Starbucks Tumbler

Being Starbucks lover that we are, not because we love their coffee, but rather because it's quite a norm of us to hang out on a lazy Saturday or a Sunday afternoon, the beau brought up that he's going to ask his niece about the Starbucks tumbler in the United States of A.


Apparently, he's been asking favors from his niece to get him some Levi's pants and stuff. And somehow, the next thing that comes into mind of his, was to get me a Starbucks tumbler if it's cheaper in the States. But of course, if it's not, there's no point troubling his niece getting one.

RM2 off any beverages mind you! >.< At least in the Klang Valley.



hmm~ look nice... :) i want one please~ :P

Clayden L. said...

get yourself! blek!

Ed said...

starbucks tumbler all look nice!

i'd rather just buy the thumbler and put mineral water inside. not a coffee fan~

j'y travaille! said...

make friends with the baristas! you'll get tumbler discounts even sans a tumbler. haha.