Jan 23, 2010


Come Saturday, it'll be me who chaffeur the beau around, for gym, to our hang out places, send him back and all.

But the thing about me driving, I guess I could be pretty impatient at times too. I'd accelerate and go up so close to the car in front before the brakes hit... So more often than not, sometimes the car would be very close to the extent that accidents could happen.

And the beau was like holding on to the handles above the door all the time. I tried to peek, all his veins in his hands were showing. LMAO.

"Sometimes u drive ah... I can get heart attack..."

"Hahahahha I know, I saw your hand grab onto the handles sooooo tight like that...."

"You noticed ah?"

"Of course. Like just now you were searching for it..." And I immitated how he was blindly searching for the handles on top of him.

We laughed so loud inside the car.

"Sooner or later, your handles will be gone."

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